Baths for burn units

baths for burn units needs to be made a tad bit differently than regular bathtubs as hygiene becomes extremely important, both for health reasons and rehabilitation for a burned patient. Burn victims need to be treated with care, especially those with third-degree burns, requiring extreme care and treatment to help their bodies heal the best it can. Otherwise you risk causing unnecessary pain and opening new wounds. Bath therapy is an important part of treating heavier degree burns and you'll often find baths for burn units inside hospitals. Though treating burn victims isn't the only use for these bathtubs as they can help warm up stiff joints and sore muscles for those with temporarily decreased movement. Regardless of what it's used for, you can be certain that it'll help increase the recovery speed as well as making sure that the patient is moved more safely into the bath.

Hygiene equipment

There are manufacturers such as TC Equipment that produces and sell baths for burn units as well as ​patient hygiene equipment for more than just treating burn victims in their lineup. There are things like shower trolleys to help transport patients and help make showering easier as well as mobile patient lifts to assist with lifting patients when needed. Essentially all hospitals have these, not just for patient comfort and safety but to make sure that assistants and nurses can perform their job tasks with less risk of injury and backpain. There are many reasons for any hospital to get this equipment and it's important that they hold a good quality for the sake of patients.​